SonicMaps Player arrives

The SonicMaps Player lets you download and play geolocated audio projects from the SonicMaps community. You can find all sort of free geolocated audio content, from GPS Audio-Guides to original Locative Music. Just walk to the place where the project has been located and sounds will automatically play as you walk!

Enjoy our 3D audio experience where sounds are consistently perceived into space while rotating your device (panning) and levels are attenuated according to distance (intensity).

If you want to make your own projects, please try our “SonicMaps Editor”, and join us at

SonicMaps is a Locative Audio (GPS AudioTour) platform and complete solution for sound geolocation.

  • 3D Audio Engine
  • GPS tracking. Sounds are activated as you walk
  • “Wi-Fi Preload / Progressive 3G” download options
  • Free user-generated content by the SonicMaps community

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