NinjaJamm arrives at last

Here’s all the detail:

Ninja Jamm is a free mixing and jamming app that lets anyone instantly remix music from the Ninja Tune label using touch control, state of the art effects and killer music from Ninja artists.

It’s a revolutionary fusion of music and software for the iPhone brought to you by Coldcut, the musical innovators at Ninja Tune and the design wizards at seeper.

Combining aspects of DJing, remixing and producing, the app lets anyone experience the excitement of playing with electronic music. Ninja artists such as Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff and Coldcut, provide the tunes for you to jamm with.

As each tune plays, you can switch seamlessly between the original licks and bonus clips, created by highly trained remix Ninjas, whilst glitching and effecting each channel and firing oneshot samples over the top.

Unlike many other music apps, the Jamm experience is very hands-on and immediate- your human feel is their key to enjoying freestyle mix possibilities. You can touch, tilt, shake and use multiple fingers and thumbs to Jamm and record, create a killer version of a favourite Ninja Tune and instantly share it with the world through Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The app comes bundled with a free Tunepack, Beats and Pieces3 from Coldcut, the cut’n’paste classic from the DJ duo who helped define both the modern remix with Paid in Full and mashup with Journeys By DJ.

You can expand your collection with more Tunepacks from Ninja artists, available for in-app purchase. Ninja Tune will regularly release new packs, including some from guest artists who haven’t released on the label before. We also plan to release new material exclusively through Ninja Jamm Tunepacks, a new interactive format for the touch-controlled age…

Instant remixing functions in push-button form let any music lover dive right in, yet Ninja Jamm is deep enough to engage DJs, musicians and producers. Download it for free, let your creative instincts run wild, enter the mix and Jamm On!

The app is free with one ‘pack’ included, the rest are IAPs.

NinjaJamm - Ninja Tune

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