Now the weather has improved (slightly) I’ve noticed Snow Music …

I didn’t know about this app, but now that it has Core MIDI support it might be some fun to try out. Here’s the app’s description:

Snow Music is a simple computer instrument created by Charles Martin and Ensemble Evolution for bringing the sound of snow and ice in Piteå into their performances.

Tap the snow to create the sound of footsteps, swipe to create the sounds of sliding in the snow.

Three switches control ongoing musical phrases: haunting bells, evolving cymbals and a snowy winter wind.

All sounds recorded in Piteå, Sweden in February 2012.

This version adds support for the iPhone 5 screen, some updated snow sounds and Core MIDI support.

With any Core MIDI compatible accessory, you can play bell and cymbal sounds – experiment with the switches to access different combinations!

The app is free.

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