Sketch Synth 2 arrives

Sketch Synth 2 – Shape and Sculpt sounds with a selection of pad based instruments, each containing an XY pad that controls 8 loops and 4 effects, possibly best referred to as a pad based rompler. The whole premise of Sketch Synth 2 is to make it easy for you to draw sounds and draw on effects to give your sounds geometric character without having to learn anything complicated, just push buttons and draw sound.

This first version ships with 5 instruments:

  • Punisher – dark wobblers with dubstep drums
  • Noise Valley – a range of noise effects to sculpt
  • Psycho Trance – fast arpeggiated synth sounds
  • Falling Grace – darker trance patches
  • Chip Tune – chirpy acidic sounds

In this first version you can use Sonoma’s Audio Copy & Paste technology to import and export loops to other iPad apps, you can also use iTunes file sharing to download files to your main computer.

I’ve had a look and because of the framework used for this app I at first think it will be impossible to support AudioBus, but I’ve had some new ideas and am looking into it as hard as possible. Sketch Synth 3D users may want to wait a month or two because I will be adding Sketch Synth 2 as a bonus in the next update (hopefully late April/early May).

The app is priced at $4.99.

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