Noisepad on the bus

Here’s what’s new:

Noisepad is now more stable and more powerful than ever!

  • Audiobus support! Combine the power of Noisepad with other Audiobus compatible apps, the sky is the limit!
  • Added interface to remove (factory) soundpacks
  • The pitch slider now automatically snaps back when released
  • Sample preloading for even smoother playback
  • Noisepad continues playback in the background
  • Audio Output meter smoothed
  • Patterns are now exported as a loopable sound (file)
  • Memory footprint reduced
  • Performance tweaks
  • Fixed: After being suspended, audio would sometimes not work
  • Fixed: Bugs in SORT control fixed
  • Fixed: Some other bugs needed to be squashed (they have been terminated)

Noisepad - MediaGROE

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