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Midi Loop Station (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

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What is Ninja Jamm? (Teaser)

Video description:

Ninja Tune team up with arts and technology collective Seeper to release our first iOS software release: a free jamming and mixing app that is intuitive and fun for all. Featuring touch and gesture controls, with a range of instant effects and remix modes, Ninja Jamm pioneers a new way of distributing music, using exclusive Ninja Tune content in a brand-new format. Get closer to the tunes – enter the mix on 11.4.13.

Full length video coming soon!

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MidiBridge / Soundprism Pro controls Arctic Keys (Bass) & ThumbJam (Melody)

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S4 Industrial Composer is also on the bus

And S4 Industrial Composer is on the bus too, and free as well.

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S4 Rhythm Composer on the bus

S4 Rhythm Composer is now on the bus, and it’s still free too.

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Musical Android interview with Supreme, the developer behind Supreme MPA

Worth a read if you’re an Android music maker and want to know more about this app and how it’s developed. Also Musical Android is a great source of Android music app news in general.

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iPhone 5 and SS25

I hadn’t tried this 30pin to lightening connector before, but actually, it works really well for using the SS25 again, although it is a little awkward when finding somewhere to position the iPhone so it doesn’t slide around all over the place.

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KinderKlavier on the bus

I wasn’t aware of this app before, but it’s on the bus now so you might want to check it out. Here’s what’s new:

  • Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps! See http://audiob.us for more information.
  • Will run in background for use with other apps
  • 4-inch iPhone 5 Retina Display support
  • UI Improvements
  • Now keeps your device awake while on screen.

The app is priced at $0.99.

KinderKlavier - SMG

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Dirty Electronics Workshop in Edinburgh on the 6th.

If you’re around Edinburgh this coming weekend there’s a Dirty Electronics workshop on the 6th and I’ll bet it’ll be awesome.

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Wave Trip, still quite brilliant

I actually find myself slightly lost in this when I play it, on the odd occasion that I do play a game that is, and that’s quite unusual for me. I can’t recommend this app / game / music maker enough to be honest. It’s a real first for games and making music.

Wave Trip - Lucky Frame