Papa Sangre updated and more

This game really impressed me as it was audio based so I thought it was worth pointing it out, it’s quite an interesting game. Here’s what’s new:

The wait was worth it. El Papa is BACK β€” stronger, leaner, fitter, and more scary than ever!

Version 1.2 is a total ground-up rewrite based on the all new Papa Engine: the most advanced interactive audio engine and API in the world.

New in 1.2:

  • complete rebuild using the all-new Papa Engine
  • rock-solid on all iPhones and iPads, from the 3GS upwards!
  • much, much more immersive sound: better spatial reverb, better binaural processing
  • improvements for VoiceOver users: no need to toggle VoiceOver on and off between levels
  • retina graphics and support for iPhone 5 screens
  • minor tweaks to levels based on feedback: now with more FUN.

The most interesting thing is this …

The Papa Engine is now available for anyone to incorporate into their game β€” it’s the best sounding, most sophisticated engine and API for any game that wants immersive audio.

So I wonder if anyone else will licence the engine?

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