Orphion update brings the editor and more

Introducing Orphion Editor (availible as upgrade):

  • Create and share your own custom pad layouts
  • Download new pad layouts from Orphion Universe

Support for Virtual MIDI.


Super Manetron : Mellotron Simulator update

Super Manetron : Mellotron Simulator gets an update:

  • Support iPad as universal app.
  • Adjust ADSR
  • Bug fix

They also say:

Now we are preparing Audiobus support . Stay tuned!


Meteor Multitrack Recorder update

Meteor gets an update and does even more:

  • Added Virtual MIDI In support.
  • Fixed EQ dialog sizing issue in landscape mixer mode
  • Unavailable MIDI ports are now coloured RED.
  • Long pressing the Hide Controller button allows you to pick a split view.
  • Selecting a controller from the Controller combo now automatically opens the controller lane.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.


Yellofier video tutorial

Yellofier video tutorial from Yello on Vimeo.


Sonoma announces RiffWatch!

Awesome, this is going to be amazing and totally replace my Pebble Watch! More on the Sonoma site.


Orphion Editor (video)

The new Orphion editor in the latest version. The app is also on sale for a limited time with the price down to $2.99.


Just how awesome would that be …