TOUCH POINTS with the TC-11

Sound Cells (video) Apps4idevicesMusic

TonalEnergy Tuner (video) Apps4idevicesMusic

Live Guitar 1.4 with Audiobus, JACK, and MIDI

Artiphon Survey to win an Instrument 1

Take the Artiphon survey, and you might be lucky enough to get a free Instrument 1!

TC-11 1.8 is pretty awesome

New Features:

  • Audiobus support
  • Variable polyphony up to 11 touches
  • Touch amplitude visualization
  • 34 unique color sets
  • Patch name display option in Performance View


  • New, faster graphics engine
  • Email and website link in Settings >> About

Bug Fixes:

  • AudioCopy name fixed
  • Sequencer keyboard view correctly hides
  • Importing patch crash fix

NodeBeat is free for now

NodeBeat is free for now. It was on sale for a while for Audiobus and GarageBand, but now it’s free. Enjoy.

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