Audio Filter supporting JACK

So, the first app to support JACK is in the app store. Here’s the details:

Play your ipod library or hook your microphone up to pass through various types of digital audio filters before going to speaker or headphones. This also demonstrates designing digital audio filters by touch. Select from a variety of filters and set cut-off frequency and rolloff or stopband level.
You can use this app to reduce various interferences or noise in the audio to improve your listening experience
For processing the microphone, you’ll need headphones or headset to avoid feedback noise

The program allows design of Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic, Remez, Gaussian, and Maxflat subband filter types for low-pass, band-pass or high-pass filtering in addition to other filters such as a 50 Hertz Notch filter

Audio Effects such as resampling, (for iTunes library tracks), L-R, echo, tremelo, reverb, chorus, ringmod, etc

Up to 10-band Graphic Equalizer with number of bands switchable. This equalizer has much better band attenuation than typical 10-band equalizers as 5-th order sub-filters are used.

All filters & effects are free while app is in foreground.
Background processing reverts to straight through audio for free version and filters/effects/equalizer must be re-enabled when app re-enters foreground.
Upgraded version retains audio mode and processing in background. Use In App purchase for upgrade.

Audio mixes with other audio apps:

What’s new

  • Rework of GUI and navigation so app can display views in both Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Use LONG PRESS Gesture to return to main screen
  • Bluetooth support discontinued due to playback issues
  • Add ability to import and play mp3 files from other apps or through iTunes sharing
  • Add support for combining with other audio apps through Jack IOS connection kit app
  • Display Artwork for mp3 files
  • Extra mp3 gain option

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