Reflection Music Player from 4Pockets

I can’t say that I saw this coming from 4Pockets. Here’s the details of their new iPad music player app:

Always Wanted a Great Music Player with Cover Flow on your iPad – Then its time for Reflection. At Special Introductory Price.

Reflection Includes the following great features

  • Fast and Fluid Cover Flow
  • Large and Uncluttered Screen
  • Visualizations Effects Bring the Screen to Life – 11
  • To choose from or Random Mode
  • Online Mode to Support Music Match
  • Ten Band Graphic Equalizer with Onscreen Visualizations
  • Graphic Equalizer presets including Rock, Pop Etc
  • Use your iPad Play Lists or Create New Ones in Reflection
  • Portrait and Landscape Modes
  • Add/Remove and Shuffle Your Current Play Queue
  • Search by Artist Name, Album, Genre etc
  • Alphabetical Indexing and Selectable Sort Order
  • Shuffle and Random Options for Playlist
  • Airplay
  • 3 Colour Skins to Choose From
  • Digital Clock and Alarm Mode – Wake up to your Favourite Tracks

The large and uncluttered layout makes Reflection ideally suited as an addition to your Home HiFi set up or for In-Car Entertainment

Combine Airplay and Mirroring to your Apple TV to stream Reflection to your big screen TV and Surround Sound System for awesome sounds and effects.

Reflection has never been this much fun….

It’s currently priced at $0.99

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