Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro update

This is a complex app and it’s just got more complex, but I think in a good way. Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI EXPORT – export progressions as MIDI files in any key
  • PRINT WORKSHEETS – print progressions as worksheets with functional analysis (or chord progression in any key)
  • SHOW/HIDE UNUSED CHORDS – the map now has the option to filter out all functions not used in the current progression
  • AUDIO HARMONIC MARKERS – audio tracks now show functional markers on a timeline to analyze and understand the harmonic rhythm in the current piece.
  • AUDIO ONION SKIN MARKERS – you can now select a section of the audio track you want to view, listen and analyze.
  • HARMONIC PATHS ON AUDIO TRACKS – harmonic paths are now available on audio tracks (also reflecting the audio onion markers)
  • minor bug fixed (user songs were not saving to storage)

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