mobile EP (Free Download) by Charlie North

Some nice sounds in this EP from Charlie.

Here’s what he says about it:

Mobile is a collection of three new tracks recorded using only my iPhone 4S. My original decision to record this material on a smart phone was based more on necessity than novelty. My spare time has become very limited, leaving little time to experiment and explore new ideas.

Luckily mobile phone technology has become much more useable, accessible and powerful. In fact there’s more computational power in my current mobile phone than there was in my entire recording studio over 10 years ago.

I started to wonder if it was possible to take advantage of this. I began thinking about the time we spend standing in queues or simply waiting for things to happen. Could I make use of this time? So I bought some music apps and decided to find out.

At first it was a complete disaster. However once I’d figured out how to install my own sample library, record some instruments and get the most out of the apps, everything started to come together.

Since I started upon this venture I’ve produced a variety of tunes with varying degrees of success. However I feel these three tracks stand out from the rest and deserve a wider audience.

Apps used: Nanostudio, Figure, iKaossilator and AudioShare.
Written, produced, arranged and performed by Charlie North.
Mastered at the Blue Room, United Kingdom.
For more information please visit
This EP is also available to buy from

Mr. Baseball (video)

Video description:

Samples recorded via Audiobus into Loopy HD using DM1, Orphion, & Magellan. Pasted into Samplr for some jamming and recorded using MultiTrack DAW.

Melodic (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Alchemy Pro iPad..Some Add On Preset Sounds

CDM on the JACK / Audiobus debate, you should really read this

It’s a well thought through and considered review of both options with some predictions about how things may pan out. Also, if you’re not familiar with JACK then it’s worth finding out what it does / can do.

Read the article here.

AriVibes going for the bus

Reactable – See you on the mountain (performance by Víctor Sánchez)

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