Protein Der Klang demo song by diodo

MyOneManBand Vs Werkbench 2.0 (2nd try at breakfast)

More good news from TC-11

BitWiz and AudioShare still on sale

Worth getting both in my book, but I’m biased as I think they’re both excellent. Take a look whilst they’re on sale though.

Beatsurfing as an Instrument Controller

A quick demo of how I use Beatsurfing to create instrument controllers, along with an explanation at the end. Beatsurfing is a great app that allows midi information to interact in new ways. Please note that it is a controller app and does not have any internal sounds. Everything you hear in the video was recorded live, using VST sounds in Cubase.

Pro Chords – Instant Inspiration – w. WiFi MIDI

Playing and Recording JamUp to GarageBand (Audiobus)

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