SquareSynth for iPhone arrives

I like the look of this little synth, the interface has a fun feel to it. Here’s the detail:

SquareSynth is a table-based synthesizer for iOS, based on old-school chiptune trackers. Using the “tables” you can create sounds similar to 8bit game consoles, and computers. Must have app for chiptune musicians, or musicians in general. If you want to experiment with 8 bit sounds, look no further! Many examples included.

  • Authentic 8-bit Sounds! Modeled after NES/Famicom
  • Polyphonic
  • Pulse, Short Noise, and Long Noise waveform types
  • Glide, Full Pulse width modulation, and Vibrato
  • Control Pitch, Wave-type, and Pulse width, via instrument table
  • Complex arpeggios
  • Quality Sound

Next Update wil feature a Wav Exporter

The app is priced at $1.99

SquareSynth - James N

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