Does Audiobus have some competition? Here’s JACK …

Wow, who saw this coming?

JACK is more than just one iOS app. It is a system that connects the music and audio world on your iOS device. JACK allows audio channels and MIDI ports of your audio & music apps to be connected with each other. It does not force a predefined schema in which way apps shall be connected with each other. You can freely connect them in any way you want, intuitively like drawing on a paper. Besides audio & MIDI interconnection, JACK provides other very useful mechanisms to let your audio apps work together like never before. For example record/playback synchronization between DAWs and sequencer apps. Arbitrary data sharing among apps and much more. Even though JACK is quite new on iOS, it already came a long way. Providing you the most professional and powerful environment for your audio apps, highly optimized with explicit multi core support, low latency and maturity which it gained over many years of usage and development on other operating systems already. JACK is an open standard, which can freely be supported by anybody.

Current Features:

  • Audio connections between apps and external devices¹.
  • MIDI connections between apps and external devices¹.
  • Record/Playback synchronization between apps.
  • Multi Core CPU support for high performance (parallelized internal audio graph).
  • Low Latency Performance (configurable, i.e. 2ms buffer sizes).
  • Arbitrary, custom data sharing among apps (allows easy extensions of the system).
  • Arbitrary amount of audio & MIDI ports per app, changeable at runtime.
  • Intuitive user interface that allows you to easily manage all audio and MIDI connections, environment settings, monitor current overall CPU usage and more …

And did I mention, it’s free?

Whoa! What’s this, something new on the way from AudioShare dev

Something new from Akai, MPC Legend for your iPad is free

The MPC Legend app is a virtual music production call-and-response game that shows you the basics of making beats and pushes your rhythmic limits. It will teach you and it will test you, with tons of fun along the way. Whether you’ve never created a beat before or can’t remember a time when you weren’t hitting the pads, the MPC Legend app has something for you.

Turn your iPad into a real MPC. Pound out beats and play MPC Legend on 16 backlit genuine MPC pads. Use MPC Fly 30 as a travel case for your iPad. Its multifunctional, double-hinged design gives you the flexibility to produce tracks anywhere, while also acting as a protective case between sessions and giving you total access to your iPad for normal uses.

Key Features:

  • Match each beat and try to keep up as the patterns become more complex
  • Three beat styles to choose from: Dirty South, East Coast, and West Coast
  • Advance through 9 levels per style, unlocking new levels as your skills improve
  • Enter Practice Mode at anytime to play freestyle and improvise
  • Integrates with Apple’s Game Center to automatically post your scores
  • Hone your timing and beat-making ability with easy, medium, and hard levels

Reminder: Korg Apps are 50% off until tomorrow

All the Korg apps are 50% off until the 20th. If you don’t have them already then get them while they’re cheap.


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