Revisiting Physynth

I don’t know if you remember this app, it came out back at the end of 2011. It is without a doubt a beautiful app to look at and it has a truly amazing visual design. However, when it arrived it didn’t get a great reception as its audio output didn’t really match up to the way it looked.

It was a shame really as in many ways it has a lot of good things going for it, and it was quite a lot of fun to play with.

Of course one of the things that was a problem for users was that in many ways the presentation and visual design of the app was better than the output. I don’t think I can argue with that. But even so, it’s an interesting music app and the physics element of it gives you a lot to play with in my view.

I don’t expect to see an update for this app anytime soon if at all, and I’d be very surprised to see it join the bus, but having gone back to it for a play I was pleasantly surprised at what it could do.

So I thought I’d put done these thoughts on it.

Physynth - Simian Squared Ltd

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