Portable Dandy (for iPhone/Touch)

This is a very strange looking / sounding (in terms of it’s description) app that I nearly overlooked. However, it’s free and appears quite intriguing. Here’s the app’s description:

Free for a limited Time – Dandy is an intuitive and amazingly sounding sampler/synthesizer for iPhone. It was inspired by Dandy Desmonds composition “Magnetic Loops for 15 Tape Decks” from 1939.

  • Pitch Jog Wheel
  • scratch The Wheel with two fingers
  • 3 astonishing filters and effects
  • mind bending ring modulator
  • up to 28 changeable samples simultaneous
  • Manage your sample library from iTunes iPhone-Apps pane.
  • Shake to restore original pitch.

Mix your own patch “Kraut” – proudly made by east-german hackers.

This is a pre-release. Please report bugs to stephan@barefoot-coders.com – Thanks

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