JamBandit for iOS arrives

JamBandit puts the fan in the band.

JamBandit is a groundbreaking interactive music application enabling expert musical performance from all players, regardless of experience or training.

The design is frictionless and simple. There are no strings, frets, or piano keys. No instructions or user manual. Just the player, a touchscreen, and the magical ability to play well.

With JamBandit, players can improvise from a wide variety of songs and instruments, and share their performances by email, SoundCloud, or Facebook.

Your inner rockstar is just a touch away.


Not only is JamBandit free, it also comes pre-loaded with free songs and free instruments to get you started playing right away.

Many premium and more free songs are available in the Song Store. More than 50 to choose from total. Just click Get More Songs to see the full list. We are adding new songs every week, and have some really exciting music on the way.


Players who upgrade to ALL ACCESS receive :

  • Recording Control with the freedom and flexibility to record whenever you want.
  • Enhanced Instrument Controls that allow you to play any instrument you want and even switch between them.
  • The All Access Instrument Pack, including :
  • Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Rock Organ, Rhodes, Vibes, Flute, and several synths.
  • Exclusive access to Premium Instrument bundles, including the upcoming set of Jordan Rudess Packs. Click Get More Instruments to see the list.
  • The Density Bar, which allows you to play with even more musical sophistication.
  • The Pitch Bar, so that you can fine-tune your instrument into higher or lower ranged notes.
  • The Show Notes feature, so you can see the actual notes you’re playing. (e.g. F#)
  • The Location Bar, so that you can quickly go to anywhere you want in the song.

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