Werking Out (WerkBench video)

SequenceApp still free (not for much longer though)

Grab it now, it’s free for Pi day!

JamBandit (video)

Lemur v4.0 (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Dear Audiotool Sketch (Des Pudels Kern GmbH), why no Nexus 7 love?

I’m bemused by this Android app. I’ve tweeted the developers several times about adding support for the Nexus 7, but never had a response, nothing at all. It seems strange that they won’t add support for the humble Nexus 7.

Why not? Is there a problem with it?

Red Nose day is tomorrow (in the UK)

There are Red Nose apps of course, but I’m interested in anyone doing anything mobile music related for red nose day / comic relief. If any developers are planning to do something, like donate a proportion or all of their sales to comic relief on anything sold tomorrow please let me know so I can do whatever I can to promote what you’re doing.

Happy Pi day

This almost passed me by because of course in the UK we write our dates differently. So, from me, a very happy Pi day.

Anyone make any Pi orientated mobile music?

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