Symphonic Evolution 2.0 arrives

That was quick! Here’s what you need to know about 2.0:

New and improved features:

  • It is now possible to record from a specific position
  • Undo and Redo the last 50 editing changes
  • Introducing Markers, which make it possible to quickly navigate anywhere in the song
  • New Selection options for Merge and Quantize
  • Digital Audio Recording allows 8 tracks of audio to be stored
  • A new and more powerful Lyric Editor
  • New Guitar Tab and Fret views
  • Make your own custom Synth Panels for creating MIDI controller surfaces
  • Improved Track Manager screen
  • Support for custom Time Signatures
  • Added a Synth Gain Control to increase playback volume
  • Piano Roll enhancements
  • It’s now possible to store multiple external controller profiles
  • Use an external MIDI Clock for recording as well as playback
  • New controller inputs for setting the selection and marker positions
  • New options when creating a new song
  • General stability and user interface enhancements

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed rotation display bug for volume and AirPlay indicator
  • Fixed for lyrics in SMF Type 0 files being split across multiple tracks
  • Fixed crash when selecting tracks while a song is playing
  • Repeat measure symbols did not print
  • Fixed crash when attempting to send email but mail is not configured
  • The Synth Reset button now works across all channels and not just the current track
  • The File “side panel” was sometimes drawn underneath other windows
  • Rhythm panel and chord view did not dismiss when switching to Sheet Music view
  • Fixed bug where the Drum pad was not drawn correctly if the app was closed while the pad was open.

Symphonix Evolution - Vinclaro

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