GuitarTone amps & effects in StudioTrack for iPad and iPad mini

iTenori Sync Jam (Slim Phatty / Standuino / MPC 500 / Tenori-On iOS App / etc.)

Meteor 1.5 bringing 24 tracks via IAP

A big update for Meteor. Here’s what’s new:

  • Increased default number of tracks from 12 to 16 and added the ability to extend it to 24 via an In-App purchase.
  • Added Replicate function to popup menu for duplicating large sections of a song.
  • Added ability to override MIDI port in prefs so a track can specify it’s own MIDI port or applications virtual MIDI port.
  • Added Auto Quantise feature to MIDI editor. You can now quantise MIDI notes as they are recorded.
  • Redesigned the mixer screen to handle more tracks and better landscape viewing.
  • Added support for Channel Pressure for MIDI instruments.
  • Major optimisation of audio mixing engine for better low latency support.
  • Increased the render speed of audio clips in view mode and the mixer display.
  • Added a note stealing algorithm to the Sampler instrument for better handling of large polyphony.
  • Virtual ports created by other iOS applications now show up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which caused clicking on clips that use the Cross Fade function with EQ enabled.
  • Added the ability to change the volume level of an imported video clip.
  • Fixed a possible crash when mixing down to a stereo track with ‘Remove existing parts on ALL tracks’ checked.
  • Fixed the broken MIDI loop recording.
  • Fixed a bug with MIDI step recording using the virtual keyboard.
  • Creating a new project now clears previous track EQ settings from mixer.

Music Studio for iPad..How to Make Your Own Instrument

Super Drummer Boy for iPhone arrives (free)

A little fun app I think, and it’s free.

Super Drummer Boy is a simple IOS drum machine with 8-bit drum sounds. Features a 16 step sequencer, 4 drum parts, and modifiable tempo

Teenage Engineering OP-1 – Grey

Artiphon is Stuff Magazine

Great stuff. It’s good to see the Instrument 1 get some good press coverage.

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