DJ Player huge update

Here’s what’s new:


Load music, playlists, albums, charts and selections from Deezer. With more than 20 million tracks available, there is no request you can not perform.

Deezer is very strong in all dance genres, and has full releases including remixes and extended versions – tons of music to discover!

  • Requires a Deezer Premium+ account (sign up for a 15 day free trial period).
  • Available in 182 countries (not in the USA yet).


Record the master signal when the internal mixer is enabled. Automatically:

  • removes silence from the beginning,
  • splits (part 1,2,…) in every 2 hours for long recordings,
  • detects accidental activations (no recording under 1 sec).

Choose from 5 formats in Settings:

  • AIFF + ADPCM (default): high quality, near lossless, low CPU, 60 min = 159 MB.
  • WAV: highest quality, lossless, lowest CPU, 60 min = 635 MB.
  • AAC 256 kbps: high quality, lossy, medium CPU, 60 min = 115 MB.
  • AAC 192 kbps: good quality, lossy, medium CPU, 60 min = 87 MB.
  • AAC 128 kbps: medium quality, lossy, medium CPU, 60 min = 58 MB.

The lossy formats are good for practicing at home, while WAV or AIFF is best for performing live. Use the “Open in…” control to export your recordings into various apps.

Other improvements:

  • Effects moved to post-fader.
  • Waveform display is continuously visible with 60 Hz. Smoother than most laptop DJ software, while not using the CPU or battery more than before.
  • Filter for track listings.
  • Toggle A/B for track library.
  • Drastically reduced memory usage for iPad 1 stability.
  • New settings: reset tempo fader on track load, maximum cache size, first DVS USB channel, no eject if deck is playing, hide music in cloud.
  • Jumping doesn’t quit auto loop mode, but creates a new loop from the new position with the same beat length.
  • DVS-related bugfixes.

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