Chordion version 1.2

Chordion version 1.2 is out and filled with exciting new features!

KORG iPolysix Questions Answered 1 Mee Zanook Style

Turquoise DS updated

Turquoise DS gets an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added Audio Recording
  • Added Audio Copy/Paste
  • Added Sample Rate adjustment in Settings (Higher sampling rates work only on newer iPads)

Chaudiolus (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Could we have an app ‘after market’?

This post over at mac rumors, and the patent it mentions seems to suggest that it could be a way to re-sell apps? As mac rumors point out, Apple files a lot of patents so this may never see the light of day, but it’s an interesting idea.

Audiobus test (Genome Seq., Sunrizer, MoDrum, BassLine) from talon76

Simple, but very nice.

KORG monotribe – OCTRIBE / BakaOscillator

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