The next London Mobile Music Makers meet is on the 13th

Come along, it’ll be great! All the details are here, and we’ve got Rob from RJDJ giving a talk. It’ll be great!

Runxt XY for iOS

A new controller for your iDevice.

With Runxt XY you can easily turn your favorite iOS device in a XY MIDI Controller.
Connect your iOS device via CoreMIDI to your Mac or via rtpMIDI on Windows.

Ableton users can easily attach the x- and y-axis to a parameter via MIDI Learn by pressing the colored knobs below the xy-pad. These also function as a ‘floor it / pedal to the metal’ button.


  • 4 different XY Modes including: Classic XY, Joystick 2-Param, Joystick 4-Param and Bounce!
  • select MIDI output channel per mode
  • choose MIDI Control Change Number per parameter
  • easily allow MIDI Learn by pushing the knobs 

The app is priced at $0.99.

New instrument design in Chordion 1.2

More synth parameters in Chordion 1.2

iPod mopho mix (really worth watching this one)

Thanks to Steve aka stereofect for letting me know about this video. Great to see just how much an iPod Touch 4th Gen can do. Here’s what Steve says about his video:

Sequencing a DSI Mopho using an iPod Touch 4G running the Little Midi app w/Midi Mobilizer. The audio from the Mopho is routed back to the iPod via a iRig and filtered through Magellan Jr’s FX (delay/reverb) via Audiobus and then recorded in Audioshare. This pretty much pushes the iPod to its lmits as far as processing is concerned but it works.

Elektron A4 sequencing Korg Monotribe using my cable

Rheyne – 3/8/13 – Live Jam #72 (live looping with Ableton Live)

Music Studio 2.2 brings Audiobus and more!

So, Music Studio has been giving us free updates since 2009, and here’s another, including Audiobus and more. Here’s the whole list:

  • Audiobus support: Now you can send and receive live audio directly to/from other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information.
  • iPhone 5 Retina Display graphics
  • 24 audio inputs supported (requires a class-compliant audio interface)
  • VirtualMIDI compatibility improved
  • Minimum required iOS version is now iOS 5.1

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