Cue Play DJ update

It’s been a long time since this DJ app updated. Great to see that it’s still being supported. Here’s what’s new:

  • Can now play music from your iPod Library
  • iTunes playlists can be used to filter the track lists
  • Tracks imported from the desktop app will have their BPM data made copied over to the iPod tracks
  • Keylock feature has been added (Note that this is only experimental)
  • Recorded tracks can now be played from inside the app (selected from the Record Button drop down menu
  • Recordings are now in AIFF format
  • Max/min pitch can now be set to +/- 10%/20%/50%
  • Can play AIFF and Apple lossless files (only if imported from the iPod)
  • Gain memory. Tracks will now remember their gain levels for next time.
  • EQ v3.0. Rewritten EQ code for better stability on OS5.1
  • Can now export/import BPM/cue point data files to your other devices
  • New beat bar scale. The beat bar now gives much more accurate information for 0->1 beat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed recording stuttering problem
  • Fixed flanger issue on iPad 2/iPhone 4s
  • Other bug fixes

Cue Play DJ - Capsulated Software

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