MIDI Designer Pro updates to 1.5

MIDI Designer Pro updates. Here are the details:

  • Piano-key shapes for designing keyboards
  • Layer controls front-to-back
  • Mail and open individual pages from other apps
  • Activate presets and change page banks from controls
  • Always-lit display option for buttons
  • Improved performance on outgoing MIDI messages
  • New: Panic Button
  • MIDI Designer comes with the official Antares/Peavey AT-200 Layout included

CMI iOS App, Audiobus, and why you’ll need to get an actual bus soon

A big thank you to Kongobot for this new about the Peter Vogel CMI app which is getting some big updates in its version 1.5 (including, well, you can see for yourself right). So, what’s in the update?

Here you go:

  • Major App rewrite, with lots of improvements.
  • Audiobus support, both input and output. Send any audio to other apps, or sample new voices from the output of other apps.
  • New Synthesiser and Sequencer Engines. Better accuracy, lower CPU use, new features like polyphonic channels.
  • Background synth and song playing. Play your song in the background, or use external keyboards to play your selected voices while another app is in the foreground. Great for looping.
  • Stereo voices, voices from MP3, view waveforms and play voices before importing them.
  • Page R step/pattern navigation while playing. No need to stop first.
  • Skip the startup floppy disk to get right into composing.

The other really important news is the CMI ‘on the bus‘ competition.

Now, that’s a brilliant idea! I can’t wait to see some entries for this. You can read all the details of what you need to do right here, but suffice it to say that you want to find out more about this!

Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer – Overview – iPad App

Mobile Music Sequencer - Yamaha Corporation

Logic Pro – Validation

Tutorial how to validate NLog AudioUnit in Apple’s Logic Pro.

NLogPoly Synth - tempo rubato

Track 34 (nintendo korg ds-10), music from ugocapeto

New photos from the molecule synth

New photos from molecule synth. It’ll be interesting to see where all of this goes next.

When there are so many apps on the bus what will we do?

Maybe the Audiobus will have to become the AudioTrain to get faster and take more apps with it? Just a little thought from me on a day when we’ve seen so many apps get on the bus.

Exactly how big is the bus anyway?

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