MIDI Designer 1.5 submitted

Wow, that’s a big update, take a look!

Key Features

  • Piano key shapes for designing keyboards in MIDI Designer
  • Always-lit LED display option
  • Persistent layering (ordering) of controls and Send-to-Back button per user suggestion
  • Mail and open individual pages from other apps. Delete pages from within MIDI Designer.
  • New control types: Page bank changes, global presets and a panic button.
  • Higher performance and snappier visual response on MIDI sending

New Features

  • New: Persistent filenames for layouts and pages
  • Better performance on outgoing MIDI messages
  • Better memory management on layout loading
  • Option for design-mode lockout (saved with layout): makes design mode inaccessible
  • Roland 3-byte model ID for sysex
  • Current values get sent with saved templates
  • New supercontrol option for subs: buttons are send on only for button groups
  • Option to shut off finger slideup for pedalboards (performance and design mode)
  • MIDI Designer comes with the Peavey AT-200 Layout included
  • Channel Changers now work with sysex up to 127
  • New: Make panels shorter for min height if possible
  • New: Smaller knobs per request


  • Fixed: Need to long-press to open MIDI Designer layouts from other apps like Dropbox
  • Fixed: Bug in which pages with control copies cause pages to fail to load
  • Fixed: Change banks together setting not persisting
  • Fixed: Virtual MIDI connections were not persisting
  • Fixed: Send-on-only momentaries and toggles should not send “off” messages to subs
  • Fixed: Layouts brought from iPad to iPhone will now cap max height of controls correctly
  • Fixed: Next-control-selected after delete should be nearby
  • Fixed: External hardware buttons now trigger “on” for any non-zero input
  • Fixed: height of controls especially panels to span entire height
  • Fixed: phantom subcontrols on page load; extra protections added
  • Fixed: small bug mailing layouts on iPhone
  • Fixed: Small adjustments to design pane
  • Fixed: Send-On-Only not working correctly for drumpads
  • Fixed: Send-On-Only now propagates correctly from super- to sub-.
  • Fixed: File-save dialog boxes for iPhone/iPod touch
  • Fixed: Channel changers presets not persisting/reapplying correctly (usually on just one channel)
  • Fixed: Wide drumpads are now louder to the right
  • Fixed: Bugs in make similar

Tiny Fixes

  • Fixed: Add panel is popping up after pedalboard reveal/hide (just wrong)
  • Fixes for default values and channel-CC editing
  • Other smaller fixes

See more at: http://mididesigner.com/news/changelog/#one-five-zero

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