Nebulophone IR sync – not working (can you help Rob)

Rob’s having issues with his nebulophone. Here’s what he has to say:

I’m trying to sync my Nebulophone’s arpeggio with a flashing IR led. When I put the Nebulophone into “follow” mode (0:35), it should lock on to the speed of the flashing IR led but it doesn’t seem to ever respond to the incoming IR. I’ve tried IR leds, remote control LEDs and IR blasters but never get a response.

If you have a Nebulophone, can you tell me what yours does in Arpeggio “follow” mode? As you can see, mine just goes to a solid green LED when switching to “follow” and turning the Arpeggio knob (1:09) just does weird things!

I also tried recording a sequence in “lead” mode and then put it into “follow” mode – no joy.

MIDI Designer 1.5 submitted

Wow, that’s a big update, take a look!

Key Features

  • Piano key shapes for designing keyboards in MIDI Designer
  • Always-lit LED display option
  • Persistent layering (ordering) of controls and Send-to-Back button per user suggestion
  • Mail and open individual pages from other apps. Delete pages from within MIDI Designer.
  • New control types: Page bank changes, global presets and a panic button.
  • Higher performance and snappier visual response on MIDI sending

New Features

  • New: Persistent filenames for layouts and pages
  • Better performance on outgoing MIDI messages
  • Better memory management on layout loading
  • Option for design-mode lockout (saved with layout): makes design mode inaccessible
  • Roland 3-byte model ID for sysex
  • Current values get sent with saved templates
  • New supercontrol option for subs: buttons are send on only for button groups
  • Option to shut off finger slideup for pedalboards (performance and design mode)
  • MIDI Designer comes with the Peavey AT-200 Layout included
  • Channel Changers now work with sysex up to 127
  • New: Make panels shorter for min height if possible
  • New: Smaller knobs per request


  • Fixed: Need to long-press to open MIDI Designer layouts from other apps like Dropbox
  • Fixed: Bug in which pages with control copies cause pages to fail to load
  • Fixed: Change banks together setting not persisting
  • Fixed: Virtual MIDI connections were not persisting
  • Fixed: Send-on-only momentaries and toggles should not send “off” messages to subs
  • Fixed: Layouts brought from iPad to iPhone will now cap max height of controls correctly
  • Fixed: Next-control-selected after delete should be nearby
  • Fixed: External hardware buttons now trigger “on” for any non-zero input
  • Fixed: height of controls especially panels to span entire height
  • Fixed: phantom subcontrols on page load; extra protections added
  • Fixed: small bug mailing layouts on iPhone
  • Fixed: Small adjustments to design pane
  • Fixed: Send-On-Only not working correctly for drumpads
  • Fixed: Send-On-Only now propagates correctly from super- to sub-.
  • Fixed: File-save dialog boxes for iPhone/iPod touch
  • Fixed: Channel changers presets not persisting/reapplying correctly (usually on just one channel)
  • Fixed: Wide drumpads are now louder to the right
  • Fixed: Bugs in make similar

Tiny Fixes

  • Fixed: Add panel is popping up after pedalboard reveal/hide (just wrong)
  • Fixes for default values and channel-CC editing
  • Other smaller fixes

See more at:

A huge list of stuff coming in Cubasis v 1.2

Here’s what’s coming to Cubasis in v1.2:

  • Cubasis now supports up to 24 physical inputs giving you the possibility to record up to 24 audio tracks simultaneously!
  • New information overlay for UNDO/REDO operations.
  • Effect windows will now open immediately after they have been inserted.
  • The overall stability of the app has been improved.
  • The Audiobus integration has been improved and many user reported problems have been solved.
  • Resolves a problem that occurred when undo and redo could lead to loss of audio data in some cases.
  • Loading a project that contains Audiobus tracks no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
  • Recording audio tracks that are assigned to the microphone input of Audiobus work now as expected.
  • Virtual MIDI can now be chosen in the MIDI connections panel of the inspector (independent of connected hardware devices or MIDI network connection settings).
  • Importing zipped Cubasis project files that contain audio data no longer lead to missing audio files.
  • The overall level of an audio mixdown no longer differs from the master output level of a project.
  • Audio input settings can now be changed when working with audio interfaces that support more than two input channels.
  • A problem that appeared when trying to select an audio input using audio interfaces with more than eight input channels was solved.
  • The VU meter of a channel in the mixer now reacts accordingly to the panner position.
  • UNDO and REDO operations after a track has been recorded no longer affect the input assignment of a track.
  • UNDO and REDO operations after a track has been recorded no longer affect the track naming.
  • UNDO changes within the audio editor no longer result in displaying partly invisible waveforms.
  • The pitch bend range of MIDI tracks that are routed to external apps will now be played back correctly.
  • The MediaBay view now remains at its position after an item has been deleted.
  • Importing a Cubasis project file that contains a project name that already exists no longer fails.
  • Solved a problem where the input metering displayed an incorrect value after an external audio device had been connected.
  • Swipe horizontally over the MIDI channel numbers of the MIDI Connections to change the channel number.
  • UNDO and REDO no longer reset user-defined track names to its default name.
  • An issue that occurred after copy-pasting events has been solved.
  • It is now possible to record pitch bend on top of existing MIDI events.
  • The order of tracks no longer gets mixed up when importing MIDI tracks.
  • The pitch wheel no longer keeps its position when closing the keyboard/drumpads while being used.
  • A problem that occurred moving MIDI events that contained pitch bend data was solved.

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