Here’s your round up of the news from the last week

As usual, here’s a round up of the significant news from the last week.

New apps:

Significant updates:

Apps that are now on the bus (Audiobus that is):

Things to watch for in the coming week(s)

Other useful stuff:

JACK Audio Connection kit news:

Interesting videos:

Useful videos:

So, that was another busy week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Happy Birthday, Mr Concreted0g

I have to admit that I didn’t know that it was the Concreted0g’s birthday today, but as it is I think it’s only fitting that I say a few things about this awesome chap.

His music is completely amazing and ranges from jazz to very experimental (and homemade) electronics, and his skills in electronics are awesome! I have three items to prove it. If you’ve seen the matrix mixers I’ve posted a few times, they’re all from the Concreted0g. So take a look at his blog, follow him on twitter and maybe even buy one of his matrix mixers!

So, happy birthday sir, have a great day and a great weekend.


Tunable – Instrument Tuner


iOS DJ Apps Key Lock Test

Video description:

Quick test of keylock functionality and audio on iOS apps – specifically DJ apps. I used “Touch Me” by Rui da Silva as the test track, as it features kicks, snares, vocals and synths in the section I used.

I played the same section of the track on all the apps in the test, at -16% with Key Lock enabled on a 3rd Generation iPad running the latest version of iOS (6.1.3) and the latest version of all apps involved (as of 25.03.2013).

The apps used were Capo, Traktor DJ, DJ Player (NB: on the audio in the video for this app is in Mono – my mistake…on Soundcloud I re-recorded with the correct in-app setting for stereo output), CrossDJ, djay, Touch The Wave (TTW).


Waldorf Rocket review part 2 – sound demo


How to Use AmpliTube and Audiobus – Connect your audio apps on your iPhone and iPad


8 Piano Apps Tested for iPad, HQ Audio