Procoding updates with some great new features

Processing and JavaScript app Procoding updates in a big way:

New Features

  • Resource Manager to add photos, sounds, fonts, html-snippets, css, scripts, js-libraries, external classes and other media files to sketches
  • iCloud Sync across all your iOS Devices
  • Export sketches as .js, .pde or as HTML5 project folder (that will run as standalone webapp in most modern browsers!)
  • Make screenshots (export to documents or save to camera roll)
  • Import and export sketches & screenshots from and to iTunes File Sharing
  • You can now use your own templates for new documents by adding a file “default.js” or “default.pde” to your Documents folder (via iTunes sharing or export as js/pde)
  • Share & print sketches (iOS 6 only)


  • Procoding is now just Procoding. New design theme…
  • Many internal changes including the new Procoding .pro document file format (see note below)**
  • New coverflow-like document overview on iPad
  • New document organizing buttons in the iPhone/iPod landscape coverflow view
  • JS Checker is now using JSHint and has been improved visually
  • Use a customized version of processingjs by adding a file “processing.js” to your Documents folder via iTunes sharing*


  • Procoding now has its own document file format. See notes below
  • Sketch covers can now be preserved from being changed individually (“lock cover”). The general preference to lock cover screenshots has been removed. There’s an option to lock the current cover in the canvas action menu
  • On the iPhone & iPod the keyboard button has been moved to the new canvas action menu

Procoding - Coding with Style - Michael Markert

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