I’m not sure what to make of this app, I do like the look of the interface though:

All you need to do is import your favorite music from iPod music library, various audio files, etc., and tap the pad!
According to your preference, you can use S4-Pad in many ways such as the following:

  • Making sound effects
  • Using as drum pads
  • Using as an acoustic device in stage


  • Available 256-patterns audio files (16 pads x 16 banks. For iPhone and iPod Touch: 9 pads x 9 banks = 81 patterns)
  • This app allows you to make backup/restore 256-patterns audio files up to the limit of your storage device.
  • Each pad allows you to…
    • select three patterns of Play mode
    • trim the position to play
    • set loop mode
    • set fade-in, fade-out (Only when loop mode is invalid)
    • set volume and pan
    • set Mute Group
  • You can import various audio files from iPod music library and iTunes. In addition, you can import audio files from AudioPaste into pad.
  • Each effect
    • Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Low Pass Filter, Varispeed

The app is priced at $1.99

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