Bucephalus (universal) arrives

Create unique sounds with this instrument utilising the power of elastic spheres! Five ball sizes have unique collision sounds and individual resonant tones for each wall of the screen.

Basic features

  • Five ball sizes controlled globally
  • Variable hardness and resonance
  • Add up to 20 balls (6 on slower processors)

Advanced features (available via in-app purchase):

  • Custom designed three stage, four parameter chamber reverb
  • Two parameter custom distortion
  • Three filter types with adjustable Q and cutoff frequency
  • Save states
  • Variable elasticity, gravity and resonance
  • User defined resonance settings with Major7, Minor7, Dominant7, Semitone, Wholetone and Pentatonic arpeggios and variable detuning for microtonal effects

The app is free (but has an IAP for the advanced features).

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