New version of Notion coming in a few weeks …

Here’s what we hope will make the cut:

  • Show more than two measures per system.
  • Make the default notation size a little bit smaller in order to make room for showing more than 2 measures per system.
  • Implement zooming using the standard iOS pinch gestures.
  • Added Print feature for printing via AirPrint (accessed via the export menu).
  • Making a PDF and printing via AirPrint uses the same layout that you see when open a file on the desktop, rather than the default iPad layout.
  • Add ability to switch to Print View, which matches what the score looks like when you print, write to PDF, and matches how the score looks on the desktop, and it shows the page boundaries. (Click on the gear button in the toolbar and choose “Switch View…”). You can edit in Print View the same way you can in normal iPad view.
  • Added print layout options
  • Added iPad View Settings.
  • Press and hold on a measure to bring up a menu that allows making it a pickup measure.

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