A rare bC8 Chimera Synth on eBay

Another rare bC8 Chimera Synth arrives on eBay. It isn’t the MIDI model, but the price isn’t too bad on this one. I might be worth taking a look.

BC8 Chimera Synthesis Synthesizer on eBay

AudioShare just gets better and better

That AudioShare just gets better and better doesn’t it.

KoalaSAN + audiobus prototype

This could lead to some interesting possibilities.

Demo of the Chromatic Hits soundfont on iPad – using Gestrument and bs-16i apps

Cool new things coming to Orphion

Super Manetron – Mellotron Apps for iPhone/iPod touch -In The Court Of The Crimson King

Super Manetron for iOS arrives

Super Manetron is the Mellotron for iPhone and iPod touch. Genuine sound sampled from Mellotron M400S (serial number 761) manufactured in the 70’s. The Mellotron is an vintage sampling keyboard by analog tapes. The Mellotron had a strong impact on rock music, becoming a trademark sound of the progressive rock bands.

You can see an internal mechanism (tape running animation) and can enjoy simulation of Mellotron with eyes and an ear.


  • Core MIDI compatible
  • 35Kyes of sampled sounds from Mellotron M400S serial number 761 manufactured in the 70’s.
  • 8 sec PCM full sampling sounds each Key
  • Scrollable Keyboard & dual Keyboards with switchable key width
  • No loop sounds (real performance feeling)
  • Pre-loaded with 7 instruments including Flute, 3violins (Strings), Cello, Oboe, 8-voice Choir, Vibes, Brass
  • 7 instrument sounds can be set as the favorite position of A,B,C position on setting screen
  • A+B, B+C mix sounds position
  • The sound of motor and tape rewind mechanical noise
  • Tape running animation
  • Pitch control by accelerometer
  • Built-in Reverb that simulates spring reverb
  • Original sounds source are recorded by 96KHz/24 bits
  • Compiled under the supervision of Fumitaka Anzai (Famous vintage keyboard player & collector of Japan)

We are going to support iPad as universal app in the next major update (2nd Quarter of 2013). 50% off till then.

The app is priced at $3.99

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