Coming soon to Audulus: the math expression node!

A new node is on the way to the already excellent Audulus. It keeps getting better this app.

Michael Aldridge’s web audio sequencer in action

I hope he doesn’t mind me posting a little video of this. I was really impressed with it.

Baby Hedgehog and Magellan automation

A bit more fun controlling Magellan from the old Palm OS.

Where do all the old apps go?

After posting last week on a few apps that have now completely disappeared off the app store it made me start to think about where these apps go. Of course, the short answer is nowhere. Except if you have them in your own personal local iTunes account. Other than that, they vanish completely. That’s it.

That’s a real shame in my opinion. I know that developers interests and priorities can move on and change and an app that was great one day can be forgotten all too quickly without updates. Of course there can be a huge number of reasons for apps disappearing, but I’m interested in ideas about how we might curate or collect those apps that are coming to the end of their app store life to keep them going.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions. Tell me what you think.

Steinberg starts a new blog, it might be worth keeping an eye on this

Steinberg have announced a new blog about their upcoming notation and composition software. You might be wondering why I’m writing about it? Good questions, well, simply because of this comment:

“We know we have a big mountain to climb: we’re starting work on a new professional-level application for Windows and Mac (and hopefully mobile devices later on) and looking to bring it into a crowded market that already has two very capable and mature competitors, not to mention an explosion of new products that exploit mobile devices and the web.”

So it looks like they’ve got a lot on the go right now, and from the comment above some fairly interesting aspirations. As far as I’m concerned they’re certainly they’re going to be a company to watch.

A quick look at something new from the makers of NodeBeat

Something new from the makers of the amazingly cross platform NodeBeat!


A spike in the figure?

Nice graph Mr!


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