MIDI Pattern Sequencer 1.2, here’s what’s coming …

Here’s what’s coming to the excellent MIDI Pattern Sequencer, which is fast gaining ground on its competitors.

  • MIDI presets include Bank/Program change and list of CC/RPN/NRPN controllers that can be sent at start of playback patterns and song, when select song/pattern or can be sent manually.
  • Export patterns and songs into MIDI files (include automation) and sharing MIDI or entire project files through iTunes or Web access. Using web access you can copy files through any web browser to computer and exchange (or backup) project files between iPads.
  • Added new Hotkeys panel with operations that can be used in any mode (play, stop, send presets, clear track, clear automation).
  • Also some others additions (copy/paste measures, increase number of patterns and song pages in the project) and small bug fixes.

Via MIDI Pattern Sequencer blog.

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