Loopseque update

Here’s that big update from Loopseque, and it truly is a big one.

MIDI (iPad 2 or higher): Virtual, Dock connector, iRig works fine:

  • MIDI-out: Clock, Events, CC, Latency.
  • MIDI-in: Clock.

New layout for MIDI events setup on the Sample Editor screen:

  • MIDI note for each circle: channel, velocity, volume, root key.
  • Attack, Release, Start and Length for each note.
  • Chord maker presets.

New layout for MIDI assignable CCs:

  • 4 pads for X/Y parameters, 2 sliders and 8 buttons.


  • Retina Display.
  • Background audio.
  • New BPM control.
  • New Tools popover.
  • Minor GUI improves.
  • OMAC support.


  • WIST now works fine like master and slave.
  • Loopseque Store on iOS 6.

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