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Droner (video) by Apps4idevicesMusic

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Loopseque update

Here’s that big update from Loopseque, and it truly is a big one.

MIDI (iPad 2 or higher): Virtual, Dock connector, iRig works fine:

  • MIDI-out: Clock, Events, CC, Latency.
  • MIDI-in: Clock.

New layout for MIDI events setup on the Sample Editor screen:

  • MIDI note for each circle: channel, velocity, volume, root key.
  • Attack, Release, Start and Length for each note.
  • Chord maker presets.

New layout for MIDI assignable CCs:

  • 4 pads for X/Y parameters, 2 sliders and 8 buttons.


  • Retina Display.
  • Background audio.
  • New BPM control.
  • New Tools popover.
  • Minor GUI improves.
  • OMAC support.


  • WIST now works fine like master and slave.
  • Loopseque Store on iOS 6.

Loopseque - Casual Underground

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Beatmaker 2 – Using a MIDI Keyboard

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Android Synth, Heat arrives in the play store

Well that didn’t take long. It’s here already on the Google Play Store.

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Droner for iPhone arrives

Droner is a simple virtual synthesizer that combines 4 oscillators with frequency and volume controls to create haunting sine based drone sounds.

The volume controls can also be automated for endless variations of automatic drone sound generation.

Additionally, an oscilloscope helps visualize in real time the raw sound wave manipulation.
It is designed mainly for creating experimental ambient sounds and unexpected patterns.

All that for just $0.99.

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Music Ipad App: Novation Launchkey

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trakAx MovieExpress Video Demonstration on Android.

trakAx MovieExpress Video Demonstration on Android. from Colm Barry on Vimeo.

trakAx MovieExpress is the first truly interactive, intuitive and fun multimedia creation app developed for Android. Designed specially for Smartphone and Tablet devices, trakAx MovieExpress allows user to be creative on the move. Gone are tiny timelines and controls that are difficult to adjust when on the move. So whether you are on a bus, a train or having a coffee, you can create a video quickly and easily.

trakAx MovieExpress has all the advanced features that you would expect on a desktop application – text and credits, Ken Burns Effect, Photo Cropping, Audio and Video Editing, Effects and Transitions, just to name a few.

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iOS Update – Vol. 30, IK Multimedia iRig Pre, iRig Recorder, and Vocalive

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Missing Toro Mini …

I wrote about this last week and so I thought I’d post a couple of images of the old app. I still like it and I might just record some audio from it to show you.

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’88 by avclub (made on OP-1)

I just love this track made by avclub (Ken) on his OP-1. I found it truly inspiring. Give it a listen, go on, it’s really worth it.