PixiVisor for iOS has arrived!

Well we didn’t have to wait too long for PixiVisor to arrive on iOS. Here’s the app’s description:

Prepare to see what you’ve never seen before! PixiVisor is a revolutionary tool for audio-visual experiments. Simple and fun, cross-platform application with unlimited potential for creativity!
It consists of two parts: Transmitter and Receiver.

  • Transmitter converts the video (static 64×64 image or 10FPS animation) to sound, pixel by pixel (progressive scan). This lets you listen to the sound of your image. But the main function of the Transmitter is to transmit the signal to the receiving devices.
  • Receiver converts the sound (from microphone or Line-in input) back to video. You can set the color palette for this video, and record it to animated GIF file.

Key features:

  • file formats supported by Transmitter: JPEG, PNG, GIF (static and animated);
  • real-time video export to animated GIF;
  • 64 predefined color palettes;
  • iTunes File Sharing;
  • Wi-Fi Export/Import (in the File menu of the Transmitter);
  • it also available for Android, Windows, Linux and OSX;
  • more functions in the next PixiVisor updates…

Examples of use:

  • wireless Lo-Fi video transmission over audio;
  • video signal transmission through audio cable; you can then modify that signal by some mixers or audio FX processors;
  • VJing;
  • sound visualization;
  • save any sound to animated GIF;
  • hide some images and animation in your music;
  • searching for hidden messages in the ambient noise; EVP;
  • something else; reveal it first!

The app is priced at $1.99 which isn’t bad at all.

TouchOSC template for Shruthi-1

My new TouchOSC template in action. Video coming soon.

It’s a step in the right direction for me, but not a finished template as yet, although what it does so far is good.

Some interesting hacks from MHD SF last weekend

I looked through the list and found a few projects that I thought might be of interest to you. They are:

I’m sure you’ll find others that you’ll like even more.

Endangered apps?

Following on from my interview with Jordan, Cliff has this interesting piece on endangered apps. Worth a read, although it left me asking what we do next about this.

See what you think. The post is here.

KORG DS-10 PLUS: ‘Dreaming (Ethereal Interlude Version)’ by Anthony Seeha

TouchDAW MIDI Controllers – Demo

Ok, it’s Android, the latency isn’t great, but I think I’ll probably give this a go to see how well it works.

TANSU Synth update

TANSU Synth adds some new sounds. Here’s what’s been updated:

Add sounds in the LOGIC BOX

  • RHYTHM1 Ruins
  • RHYTHM2 Crash (new)
  • RHYTHM3 Unit (new)
  • RHYTHM4 Domino Dance (new)
  • SE1 Shepard Tone
  • SE2 Blizzard
  • SE3 Computer
  • SE4 Cosmos (new)


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