Pocket PC MIDI Controller

I was scouting around for this and just couldn’t believe that the Theresa software for Pocket PC is still around! I’m going to have to give this a try out at some point.

Sonic Touch 21 – Cubasis, Cubase IC Pro

Meteor adds Audiobus input

Meteor updates with audiobus input. Meteor can now be used as an Input for AudioBus as well an Output. They also fixed mix down, freeze and export issues when running along side AudioBus.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder - 4Pockets.com

Musaico update

Musaico updates with live Mode Recording – Tap the record button while in Live Mode and the audio output stream will be recorded into a new clip.

Musaico - Jeremy Huff

Figure with Audiobus

Figure - Propellerhead Software AB

iLectric Piano for iPad

Meeblip (Rack) by S-CAT (Bench test).

I know that this isn’t a mobile thing, but as it’s re-factoring of meeblip I thought it might be interesting to a few people.

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