14 things you should do to help the world of mobile music

Just a little list for you to think about …

  1. Keep making music on mobile
  2. Share what you make on SoundCloud or wherever makes sense for you
  3. Tell everyone about mobile music making 
  4. Tell people about the apps you love and why
  5. Think about gifting a mobile music app to someone who might enjoy playing
  6. Rate the apps you love in the app store and leave reviews
  7. If there’s something you don’t like about an app then give constructive critiscm and don’t just leave a bad review. Remember that developers can’t respond to reviews on the app store
  8. If you like one of the excellent mobile music based blogs then buy your apps through that blog as that’s how they make money.
  9. If you’re so inclined, start your own blog about mobile music making and let people know
  10. If you can, then make videos of what you’re doing and let everyone know that you’ve done them
  11. Tweet!
  12. Make your music in unusal places, just because you can
  13. Join the comunities at developer’s forums and get involved in the discussion
  14. Enjoy it!

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