I have to admit that I don’t use this very much any more. It’s a bit of a shame. It’s one of those apps that I used loads and loads and then my usage dropped off slowly. I used to use it extensively with DopplerPad, creating loops and moving them into producer to make ‘live’ jams. It was great.

I still keep it around and mean to use it again, but rarely do. So, why is it in this list of apps I love? Good question, it is because it represents a real milestone in the development of iOS music making, and probably mobile music making as a whole.

Producer had the ability to just use the loops in the app or bring your own in, and when it first came out there weren’t too many like that. It also kept a recording of what you did which you could not only replay, but see as you moved the loops in and out of each section. As for the effects, they were brilliant. It was, is, a huge amount of fun to play with.

So it stays in my list for today, and it’s worth a look it in my book. I should go back to it and play with it again sometime, in fact, sometime soon I think …

Looptastic Producer - Sound Trends LLC

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