Using custom sounds in Gestrument

monotron explore


“first exploration of looping a Korg Monotron Delay unit.”

Monotron delay with Eventide Space & Boss RC-50 for looping.

Wave Trip new version coming tomorrow

And it’s going to have some lovely new art and sounds to it as well. What’s more, the artwork is of one of my favourite cities in the UK.

As noise makers go, DR-OM is pretty good

It isn’t just about the fact that the user interface is great and fun to play with, but it’s because the sound, or rather the noise, is great too. That’s what makes DR-OM one of those apps that I keep coming back to and tinkering with.

PPG Wavemapper iPad Demo And Review

Gear fun ….

Driving the Shruthi-1 via Lemur and the iRig MIDI, and recording out from the Shruthi-1 into Multi-Track DAW via a first generation Sonoma GuitarJack.

Korg ims-20 for iPad ~ creating Car Explosion for footage from scratch.

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