Beat Slice – Pro (universal) arrives

A new beat manipulating / smashing app arrives. Here’s what you need to know:

Crush it, Mix it, Slice it, Shift it.
Take a perfect good song from your music library and destroy it with style!
Beat Slice is an expressive remixing tool that allows you to take your existing music and transform it in multiple creative ways. Export your remixes and share them or make your own custom ringtones!

Built in effects include:

  • Reverser: Reverse a beat
  • low n high: Play a beat high or low
  • Slicer: Cut it up and slice and glue it back together
  • Lo-Fi: Good old vinyl sound…
  • Mute It: Skip it off and on like a DJ
  • Electrify: Zaps a beat with a nice dose of electric madness
  • Phaser: Phase the sounds like the classic sci-fi effects
  • Spinner: Spin the music around your head in circles
  • Crusher: Crush your tunes with no mercy. This effect completely kills the beat!
  • Telephone: Landline on prime time

File Export and ringtone maker:
Beat Slice now supports export feature that allows you to save remixes and share them or make ringtones. Once a ringtone is exported it can be used on your iPhone.

The app’s priced at $4.99.

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