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PalmSounds Interview with Jordan Rudess

Jordan was at a Music Hack Space event at ROLI tonight, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to meet him and talk to him about his views on mobile music.

If you don’t know his apps, click below. Hope you enjoy the interview.

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The Bleep Drum from Dr Bleep arrives

Arduino based drum machine with adjustable samples and loop sequencing. Available February 8th from bleeplabs.com and Sparkfun.com.
All audio direct from The Bleep Drum. Transdimensional hand modeling provided by the HSS3jb (not hooked up to the Bleep Drum).

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Concreted0g: Mixers sold out, but more on the way

Mr Concreted0g is making more of these!

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Drum and Bass on iPad with Glitchbreaks, Magellan, DM1 and Cubasis

Drum and Bass on iPad with Glitchbreaks, Magellan, DM1 and Cubasis from ipadmusic on Vimeo.

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Nebulophone, Hypernoise 3000 mode

As Rob mentioned the Hypernoise 3000 mode I thought I’d try and find a Nebulophone video with it. This is what I found.


messing around with my Nebulophone for the first time. Mostly in the Hypernoise 3000 mode.

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Raspberry Pi, Arduino & TouchOSC

Video description:

Just a little try. Pure Data runs very well on Raspberry and it’s easy to set it up for OSC and Arduino. My Akai LPD8 works with Raspberry & Pure Data, too. Great for a new MIDI/OSC Controller…
more coming soon, visit http://irieelectronics.de


  • Raspberry Pi Model B. (Pure Data & Pduino)
  • Arduino Uno (StandardFirmata)
  • iPad (TouchOSC)

TouchOSC - hexler

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bs-16i Derek Buddemeyer

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RjDj Jogging Demo

Michael Breidenbrucker CEO of RjDj demonstrates the upcoming RjDj Jogging music technology at MLove Mobile Music.

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Reminder: TouchAble survey

Just a reminder that TouchAble are looking for feedback for their next version of their Ableton controller, so if you can, please take a look at their survery. You can find it here.

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DPC-100 gets some sounds

I meant to mention a few days ago that Detune’s DPC-100 has got some sound capabilities, but before I could get around to it there’s another update that’s just come along!

Anyway, there’s no doubt that that the sound capability won’t change your music workflow, but I’m sure it’ll be fun!

DPC-100 - DETUNE Ltd.