Rainer Sauer plays "SIX IPHONES" (A tribute to Steve Reichs 40th Anniversery of "Six Pianos")

Rainer Sauer says:

“First of all I wanted to give Steve Reich a tribute for his 1973 work ‘Six Pianos’. I heard it as a young man and he became important for me with this work. ‘Six Pianos’ shows that a phrase of just a few notes can carry a whole song. This was 40 years ago and I wanted to write a modern composition in the minimal music genre. (…) In ‘Six iPones’ there are only five notes that build an eight note sequence: note 1, note 2, note 3, note 4, note 1, note 2, note 3, note 5. I programmed the same sequence with nearly the same sound (for which I used the Sunrizer XS App) on three iPhones. With the software you can create two sound on one iPhone and you can change between the sounds via modulation wheel. To have an efficient hardware modwheel, I also used three AKAI synthstations 25 for the iPhones, but thats all. (…) All sounds, all effects, every polyrhythmic change has been created on the iPhones. The touchpad of each iPhone allowded me to make constantly little changes on the synthesizer parameters: filter, oscillators incl. lfo, echo, ADSR. Forget your MOOG modular system, just take three iPhones in tune (and manually in sync) and you’ll get this kind of minimal electronic music. (…) It’s fascinating that the three iPhones won’t run out of sync or tune during this 18 minutes composition.”

Big thanks go to Kojiro Shishido for the computeranimation!

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