Some pictures of my new Nebulophone

I should’ve thought about buying a battery before it arrived.

Shruthi template

Just another shot of that template. I hope to get some more work done on it soon.

TouchOSC - hexler

Gestrument update arrives!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Gestrument can now create its own Virtual MIDI ports
  • Send and receive MIDI beat clock
  • Improved MIDI settings
  • Visual metronomes for each rhythmic subdivision
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • New presets by Sunsine Audio

Gestrument - Jesper Nordin

DAW Control update

DAW Control gets some new bits and pieces. Here’s what they are:

  • HUI / PRO TOOLS Preset
  • Reason Preset
  • Reaper Preset
  • Better knob reaction. (A little slower and added Horizontal and Vertical mode)
  • Small UI changes
  • Fixed crashes which was some time when changing presets
  • Other bug Fixes


NAMM 2013: Panel discussion: Past, present and future of MIDI

At NAMM 2013, Future Music captured MIDI creators and innovators Alan Parsons, Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith, Jordan Rudess, George Duke and Craig Anderton discussing the past, present and future of MIDI.

‘TELLY-SCOPE’ – Circuit Bent Television with Monotribe


An old portable television which has been modified to respond to audio signals with glorious effect.

Beware, this is a dangerous project! However, if you’re willing to accept the risk then you can find instructions here –

Take the TouchAble survey …

They’ve got big plans for their next version of TouchAble, so give them some feedback by filling in their survery. You can find it here.

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