Fun with Samplr (video) productionszvon

iPolysix Featured Tracks vol.3

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Audiobus &iPad mini Dubstep : Cubasis for iPad + Animoog + LIVE FX

Chimera Synthesis BC-16 rare modular synthesizer

I have a thing about these, but this one won’t ship to the UK.

Amazing, fantastic synthesizer, CHIMERA SYNTHESIS BC-16. If you’re looking at this you probably know what they are. They were very hard to get and a limited number were actually manufactured and delivered but OH MY!! I was one of the lucky ones and I’ve been using mine for a few years. MIDI and CV control. Selling to make way for new gear (my wife and I have a deal-no no gear until something is sold). In perfect working order with all patch cables. Runs on AAA batteries. I will include them but will take one out during shipping and put in box separately to protect unit.

Very unique modular synthesizer. Very small in size, it is a hybrid (ergo chimera) of Digital (DSP synthesis) and Analog (VCF and interface + potential CV control).

Very rare Chimera bC16 Synth on eBay

EP-1 Pure by UnitySynthesizer

EP-1 electric piano model with Unity Synthesizer.

CDM on Cubasis and Audiobus

Interesting thoughts from CDM on Steinberg’s adoption of the Audiobus.

WaveMapper (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

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