Bleep Labs Thingamagoop modulated by Arduino with accellerometer

Interesting Thingamagoop experiment, following on from my other Thingamagoop related posts today.

Arduinoboy Tweeks

Unity Synth update

A rapid update for Unity Synth following its launch a few days ago. I’m still not sure given the overall price of buying all the IAPs. Anyway, here’s what’s new:

  • added instrument editing
  • improved compatibility with iPad Retina
  • multithreading support for synth engine for improved performance

IK NAMM 2013: iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit – The ultimate hook-up cable kit

And on the topic of Thingamagoop’s, I found this …

Following up from this morning … I found this and it’s so cool I had to share it.

Via Flickr.

Midi to Switch

Configures Midiswitches by Miditemp.

Creates SysEx-Datas and send it to switch to configure it listening to the selected Midi-Commands ore Notes.

iPhone or iPod touch needs a Midi-Interface for Dock-Connector to send the Midi-Commands, ore you can use Midi-Network-connection with Your Mac what has a Midi-Interface.


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